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Visit us in room 427 Wednesday the 18th thru Saturday the 21st at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel during NADA’s Chicago Invitational art fair. The following artists will be on display:

This exhibition took place over six weeks, opening May 5th, 2019 and closing June 16th, 2019. Located at 9 Herkimer Place in Brooklyn, NY this show was the manifestation of our goal of bringing Minneapolis artists to new audiences by partnering with galleries, artists, institutions and performers from other cities. A very positive and meaningful success, this was our first attempt but will certainly not be our last.


Featuring visual artists: Kim Benson, Cameron Patricia Downey, John Fleischer, Ryan Fontaine, Isa Gagarin, Emmett Ramstad, and Jordan Rosenow

With performance by: HIJACK(Kristin Van Loon+Arwen Wilder), J. H. Shuǐ XiānJ, Doug LeCours, Mark McCloughan, Treeya Brooks, Afton Brooks, BAGBAG(Colleen Harriss+Kate Shannon), Jordan Rosenow, Katrina Matejcik, Dustin Maxwell, Aaron Rourk