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_ _/D C
Choreographed and performed by HIJACK (Kristin Van Loon & Arwen Wilder)
Sound: Ryan Fontaine

Less direct. More poetic. Almost as old. Almost as hairy. With a name at least as abrasive. But we put on the enemy shoes. Ourbodies,/ ourinstitutions. Her body is the whole theater. We are inside the gallery. There is no website. In our last band she was strapped to a board playing autoharp. I was a desolation, a reproach. If you chop off the tip of your finger a doctor might sew the stump into your belly where the stem cells in your organs will cause it to regrow. This dance is the same. This dance hides a little string of candies: stolen good-goods.
As decorative as Erte or a drippy dishwasher ad, smothered like hashbrowns, outside the savvy careerist path, fixated on the balcony, thieving the ruffles, sometimes feminist, sweet like bon bons, sour like bad karaoke, wondering who to love.

HIJACK will be performing _ _/D C at 9 Herkimer Place on June 16th, 2019 at 4pm as part of HAIRandNAILS at 9 Herkimer which opens on May 5, 2019 and runs thru June 16th, 2019.

HIJACK is the Minneapolis-based choreographic collaboration of Kristin Van Loon and Arwen Wilder. HIJACK is the confluence and clash of two independent compositional/kinesthetic impulses. Their dances embrace juxtaposition. Their dances house unlikely intimates and question “who is the enemy?” Over the last 25 years they have created over 100 dances and performed in venues ranging from proscenium to barely-legal. Their previous NYC shows include: HIJACK’s First Show in New York at HERE, 3 Minutes of Pork and Shoving (with Scott Heron) at PS122, Colin Rusch & Angelina Jolie at Nothing Festival/DTW, Mr. Khrushchev and other dances at LaMaMa Moves Festival, smithsoniansmith (with Scott Heron) at Dixon Place, and Guerrilla Gay Bar for Movement Research Festival/Catch Series and End Plays by Lisa Nelson at Roulette. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the HIJACK collaboration, Walker Art Center commissioned redundant, ready reading, radish, Red Eye and Contact Quarterly published the chapbook Passing for Dance, A HIJACK Reader.