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treeya brooks

Performance description:

I dreamt that I lost myself in a color. I was trying to get somewhere else and the only way was through a color—pink. At first it felt wonderful. Pink, embracing me entirely. Lucidly I felt my body merging, being absorbed by a total sensation of pink. In the dream I realized that I was leaving everything behind in becoming pink. I was not ready to leave my body and mind behind. Afraid to let go, my fear turned to struggle. Immobilized but trying to kick and to scream myself out, I finally made it. My eyes open and heart pounding.

Awake, I search for meaning in pink. I read about a study where prisoners exhibited less aggressive behaviors after living in a cell with pink walls. I think about the association with femininity. How we think of love and affection when we think of pink. How difficult love and connection can be. Pink is vulnerable. Hopeful. Why fear pink?


Treeya Brooks is an artist interested in the performance of dreams. She loves to collaborate with her sister—Afton Brooks who is a yoga instructor and dancer—to interpret and materialize dreams. The sisters shared a scattered childhood along the West Coast. They settled in Minnesota as teenagers after driving across the country in an old blue Volvo with three cats. They both live in Minneapolis now.