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Dustin Maxwell and Aaron Rourk

Performing Sunday, June 9th, 4pm
“small things dying under a clear blue sky 1”
Dance/choreography: Dustin Maxwell
Live Music: Aaron Rourk

“small things dying under a clear blue sky 1”, is an excerpt from a larger work-in-progress investigating death as a life process, transmutation and other mysteries. It is a work within my life work that aims to resensitize, to be honest, to give my body back to itself, to follow, to listen, to soften, to develop awareness of the more subtle, to reconnect to the heart of things, to surrender to not knowing…
This project is supported by a fellowship from the Jerome Foundation.

Artist Bios:
Dustin Maxwell, aka trashpatty, is a dance and visual artist, ERYT 500 yoga teacher and Thai Yoga Bodyworker based in Brooklyn, New York. He started his dance training in his home town of Albuquerque, New Mexico where he studied ballet and Limon with his first teacher, Joanne Emmons. He then completed his BA in Dance from the University of Minnesota. He began training in Butoh with his teacher, Gadu in 2009 and has continued that training with Yokko and Vangeline in New York City. Currently he is focusing on performance collaborations and developing his own performance work. His work has been shown in galleries, theaters, and basements in Minnesota, New York City and Germany.

Aaron Rourk is an improviser and composer. He performs regularly in New York and elsewhere in a variety of constellations, playing a collection of woodwinds and electronics. His work is often entangled with other artistic mediums, such as dance, puppetry and theater.