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Welcome to HAIRandNAILStv!
Our first episode was “Every Wednesday”, a dance class/experience led by HIJACK — the choreographic collaboration of Kristin Van Loon & Arwen Wilder. “Every Wednesday” for nearly 20 years they have taught a dance improvisation class at Zenon Dance School in the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis. The class was offered in the spirit of continuity.

Our last show was Episode 8: Performance by Emma Beatrez “Choreography for Epson Scanner, Fire, CCTV, music by Lee Noble” aired Thursday, August 13th, 2020 Link: https://vimeo.com/447860848

The uprisings that resulted from the brutal murder of George Floyd informed the initiation of a new component of the HAIRandNAILS TV project, in-person video art projected onto the HAIRandNAILS building. The first exhibition was curated by Cameron Downey and titled “Holding Space”. Cameron invited artists Autticus Bell, Namir Fearce, and Java Jones to show work as part of this event.

Still from Cameron Downey’s “Hymn of Dust”

Our next TV show, Episode 9: Ryan Fontaine “Aparatus #1 (feat. KVL)” August 21, 2020 At 7pm. Link below.

While these transmissions will be archived and at some point available for viewing, one of the main ideas in creating HAIRandNAILStv is to create an event in real time that a dispersed and distanced community can experience together even as we view in relative isolation. Thank you for tuning in!


At 7pm Friday, August 21 2020:


For more about the gallery visit HAIRandNAILS.com

If you’d like to request a link to past episodes, email us at [email protected] :
Episode 1: “Every Wednesday: HIJACK Dance Class”
Episode 2: “Nona Invie Live”
Episode 3: “Sophia Chai in Conversation”
Episode 4: “Hannah E. Brown in Conversation”
Episode 5: “Lee Noble Live Audio/Visual Set”
Episode 6: “Kristin Van Loon’s Dance of Slow Looking at the Art of Sophia Chai
Episode 7: J.H. Shuǐ Xiān “how i’m feeling now”
Episode 8: Emma Beatrez “Choreography for CCTV, Scanner and Fire (Music by Lee Noble)”