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Welcome to ​TEMP/reviews​, a new, MPLS-based, online arts platform that will take
 shape over the coming days, months and years. We 
aren’t really sure what the future holds for this site and
there are many possible ways it may evolve. Follow our Instagram account, ​@tempmpls​, to 
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TEMP/reviews is mainly meant to be a platform for art reviews, and it is, but there are no absolute rules as far as what the content can be, at least not yet.

Today we are publishing a review by first-time contributor Mike Curran of an exhibition of paintings by Paolo Ventura at Weinstein Hammons Gallery titled Quarantine Diary. As the title makes clear, this about the pandemic, something the people of the world are and have been experiencing each in their own way. Ventura’s remarkably restrained and personal take on the subject really drives home the isolation of lockdown and makes for a knockout painting show.

If you would like to contribute or respond
 to something written here you can contact me, ​Ryan Fontaine​, or Brooks Turner​ at ​TEMPMPLS@gmail.com​. No promises we’ll publish your work, but we encourage your content and dialogue. Currently, we have no resources to pay for submissions
 but hopefully that will eventually change.
 For now, it has to be a labor of love, but we firmly believe in the value of writing and that contributors should be paid. That will either eventually happen or this project will eventually end, so if you have any ideas…

This website and whatever ​TEMP ​becomes was made possible with the help of Bockley Gallery, Second Shift, SooVac, Rosalux, PlayTimers, Company Projects, Rochester Art Center, HAIRandNAILS, Forage Modern, and Public Functionary. Thank you, everyone!