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hannah brown

ballpoint pen on paper

The images I create function as my tool for capturing the darkness and lightness in the human experience; as well as the difficult and unexplainable moments that nuance our lives. I am drawn to vivid contrast, which manifests in my practice and the themes that come forth in my work. My art is heavily influenced by narrative and emotion; addressing body image, sexuality, loneliness, and abundance.
I primarily draw using ballpoint pen on paper. In my drawing practice I am interested in images that are intimate and vulnerable, focusing on the nude form typically without reference. Working in this style is tedious and meditative, which allows me to invest in a level of detail that creates my own reality within the image.
I am a female identifying person living in Minneapolis, MN. I graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2016, with a degree in Illustration. Currently I work out of my studio in the Powderhorn neighborhood.