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Welcome to ​TEMP/reviews​, a new, MPLS-based, online arts platform that will take
 shape over the coming days, months and years. We 
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 there are many possible ways it may evolve. Follow our Instagram account, ​@tempmpls​, to 
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TEMP/reviews is mainly meant to be a platform for art reviews, and it is, but there are no absolute rules as far as what the content can be, at least not yet.

Today we are publishing a review by Mike Curran of a group exhibition of international artists at the Walker Art Center, Designs For Different Futures.

From the Walker’s website: “The role of designers in shaping how we think about possible futures is the subject of Designs for Different Futures, a major exhibition organized by the Walker Art Center, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and the Art Institute of Chicago. The presentation brings together some 80 dynamic works that address the challenges and opportunities that humans may encounter in the years, decades, and centuries ahead.”

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