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Catherine Sullivan

Catherine Sullivan
The Startled Faction(a sensitivity training).2018. Anamorphic video, color/sound, 34 minutes

Currently on display in our Minneapolis gallery: Catherine Sullivan’s The Startled Faction which debuted on September 6, 2018 at Metro Pictures in New York. On display thru June 16th, 2019.

This beautiful, visionary film illustrates the complex everyday battles waged in the workplace as the characters attempt to carve out a slice of freedom or perhaps assert their own agency within soulless systems that are always asking for a little bit more. The seriousness of this subject, historically and in its bleak day-to-day manifestation, is presented in a way that never feels heavy-handed, as the absurdity of these situations play themselves out. The characters’ predicament feels like our own even when they’re embodying Sullivan’s precise and joyful choreography.

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