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tynan kerr

Effigy with Candles Inviting. 2018. Wood, paraffin wax, acrylic paint, beeswax, copper carbonate, iron oxide, string. 13”x10”x10”

Tynan Kerr is an artist living in Los Angeles, CA. He is an alumnus of the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and recipient of the Jerome Emerging Artist Fellowship as half of the painting duo AMTK with Andrew Mazorol. He received a 2014 Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Artist Initiative Grant. Exhibitions in the past few years include shows with Elevator Mondays (Los Angeles), Crying Clover (Los Angeles), Hair and Nails (Minneapolis), Bockley Gallery (Minneapolis), and Unspeakable Projects (SF and NYC), His work has been featured in New American Paintings, Art Forum, and has been published in works by McSweeney’s and Milkweed Editions among others.